Question : Create self-extracting installer from 3 pre-existing windows MSI files

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I've got 3 pre-existing MSI files, which I did not create.  I just want to chain them into a compressed self-extracting archive, which then kicks them off automatically in the correct order.  Ideally, I just email them the link, and it's pretty automated from there, with the exception of the Wizards resultant from the MSI packaging.

This is unimportant.  The single file I send them a link to, might as well be an exe, zip, or whatever, as long as it will self-extract automatically on Windows XP Professional, with as few clicks as possible, and begin the installation automatically (of the 3 MSI files).

I'm not allowed to deploy these MSI's via GPO (my preferred method, and much easier too!), so in the meantime, I'm trying to find a simple method to avoid confusing my customers, or frustrating them.  Fewer mouse clicks is the goal here.  Having them download them individually, then find the location, and kick them off one at a time, is like pulling teeth.

I've got Winrar, but I'm not opposed to Alzip, 7-zip, Inno, etc., whatever is easiest and works.


Answer : Create self-extracting installer from 3 pre-existing windows MSI files

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