Question : Run the Windows 'RUN" from

Hi I would like to lauch 'windows run ' in order to execute a program.

I have so far failed to succedd executing this program using any other means , like

the problem is that the program is passworded to a drive , if my program dosent execute the call from the drive the target program is on It takes the call origins drive letter as the new location of the program and asks for a new password.

I even tried executing a batch file that was sitting in the same folder as the exe and same result
yet using Run I can execute the program so Im hoping that is the way I can bypass this issue.


Answer : Run the Windows 'RUN" from

It's because you need to use the return value of the function to prevent the submit, otherwise it will submit the form regardless of te outcome of the function call:

    <form method="post" action="SaveNew.asp" name="FRMNewRec" id="FRMNewRec" onsubmit="return Validate_Submit()">

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