Question : XP Professional freezes

I have a machine running XP Professional SP3 that freezes, reportedly when running Ghost.  I'm not sure of the Ghost thing as the machine is frozen and I cann't get into it.  

Rather than spending a lot of time trying a bunch of different things and never solving the problem I am wondering if there is a way to force a machine to produce a minidump when it gets in this situation.  If not is there any software out there that will log the CPU utilization, what's using it and write it to file so that I can see what is happening on the machine when it dies.  Seems like I cann't be the only person that ran into this problem, there should be some programatic solution to this.


Answer : XP Professional freezes

Two DNS is "best practice" for reduncancy and fault tolerance. If you've got two Domain Controllers (best practice says two for the same reasons as to having two DNS) make the DNS zones Active Directory integrated. You get better replication between the zones and you're not dependant on the primary zone going down (you cannot make changes to a secondary zone). You can host more than one zones on each DNS.

Look at AD Integrated DNS: and how to convert a primary zone to a AD Integrated:
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