Question : Many Services not starting on Vista Boot

I am working on a client's HP desktop computer running Vista Home. It was fine until she had a power blackout (we get them frequently here in the summer). When she rebooted her computer the printer settings had disappeared, windows mail would freeze when starting and some procedures (installing and deleting) would freeze up. Here is what I have done and found:
1) Safe mode and Safe mode with networking work fine (installing, deleting, windows mail, etc).
2) In regular I can run some programs (Quickbooks, Ccleaner) but others (Deleting a document, windows mail) freeze.
3) memory ram has been tested (moved it around, and also tested thru Vista).
4) Now for the important part; when I boot normally, about half of the services that should be running aren't even though they are set for automatic.. I know this by comparing it to one of my own Vista operating systems. When I try and manually start some of these services I can't even though a particular service may not be dependent on another service (I have only tried this on 2 services).
5) I have run repair from my Vista install disk and it did indicate that there was a problem that was fixed.
6) Chk dsk was run.
7) I have access to another operating vista, a UBD4WIN, an IDE/Sata adapter and an OEM Vista istall disk.
Is there any way I can get the computer to boot and start the default Vista services? Should I run Vista repair more than once?
8) I know the first thing that may come to mind is a driver (Regular boot vs safe mode) but that doesn't address the Services issue.
9) I have not run an antivirus scan but will be doing that now. Does anybody know of a VIRUS that would stop so many services from automatically starting.
Any wise recommendations?

Answer : Many Services not starting on Vista Boot

I did a virus scan and found the UACd.sys trojan driver.
I had not done a virus scan before because all info led to a power surge.
However, my client always kept her computer on and when a reboot was required after the power outage the trojan was able to install itself.
For future edification; Look for the following characteristics;
1) Regular boot causes problems with automatic start of many services. These services can't be started manually.
2) Safe mode is OK
3) On regular boot several computer actions (see question above)
4) MBAM was the only antivirus I could install in safe mode. It will update virus definitions on install so run it even though you won't be able to update after install.
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