Question : Error: "DataTable already belongs to another DataSet."

I am trying to delete multiples rows from a DataTable that I load into a DataSet.

I am able to delete the first row fine.  When I try to delete the secon row, I get the error:
"DataTable already belongs to another DataSet."

My code:
Dim DebtAnalyzerTable As DataTable
        Dim DS2 As New DataSet()
        'Retrieving Debt Table
        DebtAnalyzerTable = Session.Item("DebtTableEdit")

        ' Add the new DataTable to the DataSet.
        DS2.Tables.Add(DebtAnalyzerTable) 'DebtAnalyzerTable.Copy  

        ' Loop though the table and delete specified row
        For Each drow As DataRow In DS2.Tables(0).Select()
            If (drow("Creditor Name") = TextBoxCreditorName.Text) Then
            End If

        Session.Add("DebtTableEdit", DebtAnalyzerTable)

        'Binding Edited Row to Data Table
        GridView1.DataSource = DS2



Answer : Error: "DataTable already belongs to another DataSet."

Hmmm...I always create separate log file backups.  Why don't you like this?  The reason is that it lets me put a time stamp on them, and in the event I need to restore them, its easy to determine the order I need to restore them in.
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