Question : MS CRM Duplicate Detection rule not working


we have configured a duplicate detection rule for the Account entity that checks for exact match on account name. this rule worked fine but was returning inactive records as duplicates.

so we updated the rule to include 'Status' is exact match.

after re-publishing the rule we have tested by creating a duplicate 'active' record. But on the first save of a duplicate record, the duplicate rule is not being picked up. If the record is saved again the duplicate rule does run and the user is prompted.

what could be going wrong here? we need the rule to fire in the first instance

has any one seen this before?

Answer : MS CRM Duplicate Detection rule not working

I can explain what is happening but don't have a resolution for you.

When a user clicks save on a new record the duplicate detection kicks in before the record is saved so the status of the record is "New". Your existing records have a status of "Active", therefore there is no match.

On the second save, the record already exists and is therefore Active and a match can occur.

Having looked at the rule definitions I can't see a way to achieve what you want.
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