Question : Move jpg files from file server and create shortcut

I am looking for a script that will search a file server data share and all its subfolders for JPG image files and move these to another file UNC share on second server then create a shortcut for each file where the original was.

I basically want to free up space on our fileserver and dump all images to a NAS device with lots of cheap SATA disks leaving a shortcut for each file moved. The script will be run as a sceduled task each week to cleanup our live file server. Users will have a new mapped drive called Images where they can dierctly access the images if needed.

The target server should have the same folder structure created as part of the script running.


Answer : Move jpg files from file server and create shortcut

report back with the output of these commands please:

show etherch detail
show etherch load-balance
show int trunk
show int gi0/46 status
show int gi0/47 status
show int gi0/46
show int gi0/47

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