Question : Is this a bug?

When I open a workbook, Excel asks whether I want to update the links. I’ve searched all my formulas and cannot find any links in this workbook. Is this a bug?

Answer : Is this a bug?

Probably not. Try using the Office -> Prepare -> Edit Links to Files command. In the Edit Links dialog box, click Break Link. Keep in mind that links can occur in places other than formulas. If you have a chart in your workbook, click each data series in the chart and examine the SERIES formula in the formula bar. If the formula refers to another workbook, you’ve identified the link. To eliminate it, move the chart’s data into the current workbook and re-create your chart.

If your workbook contains any Excel 5/95 dialog sheets, select each object in each dialog box and examine the formula bar. If any object contains a reference to another workbook, edit or delete that reference.

Choose Formulas -> Defined Name -> Name Manager. Scroll down the list in the Name Manager dialog box and examine the Refers To column. Delete names that refer to another workbook or that contain an erroneous reference (such as #REF!). This is the most common cause of “phantom links.”

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