Question : Sonicwall Pro230

I need to setup a VPN tunnel with a site that requires I limit the host count on my end.   Normally, I have been setup to propose my /24 subnet.

Unlike my Pro 3060, I do not seem to find a location where I can explicity state which hosts on my end apply to a specific tunnel.

Is there a place, and I'm just missing it?   I've reviewed everything I can find at the Sonicwall side, but found nothing that suggested I could do this.   Interestingly enough, I found one document that referred to a matrix grid --- but there is no such thing in this model, although it is found in my 3060.

This is the enhanced version of the Pro 230.

I'm also connecting this to a Cisco PIX VPN on the other end --- is there anything special that may apply with that device regardless of the host limits?

Any help?

Answer : Sonicwall Pro230

Ah, I see which one you're talking about now.  This one the firewall settings are under the Access section.  I have attached a doc that discusses the access rules and how to set them up on this particular OS.
Configure Access Rules Pro230
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