Question : PHP printer

hi, using PHP i create HTML customer invoice, i need to take a print out without internet explorer print. just need to print my invoice. its not internet based,its only INTRANT,only local computer(one group only ,all people are working in same comapny same location)

Can u help me to solve above issue.thx

Answer : PHP printer

The HDMI cable connection is only one direction.  ie from your BDVt11 to your TV.

You have 2 options - one you like and one you do not like.

1. see the picture below.  There is an optical out on your TV - I got this picture from your manual.  You need to connect this OUT to the BDVt11 IN.

2. You need a receiver in between your cable and your tv which has some form of outs.  You would then send the picture to your TV and sound to your BDvt11

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