Question : connectComputer/nshelp.exe page cannot be found

I am trying to connect a new Windows 7 workstation to our SBS 2003 LAN. On the Windows 7 client I browsed to http://server/ConnectComputer and got the "you will need your login name and password ..." page, no problem. Then I clicked on the 'connect to the network now' link and got the page beginning "When you are prompted to download nshelp.exe, click run, ...". I then click the 'Connect to the Network' link on this page and get "The page cannot be found"

The link is http://server/ConnectComputer/nshelp.exe

on the server, I find the file Nshelp.exe in C:\Inetpub\ConnectComputer

any ideas?

Answer : connectComputer/nshelp.exe page cannot be found

OK, I found the problem. Unbelievable. See image. In IIS > default website > ConnectComputer > properties, I had to select "Scripts only" under execute permission. Then it worked. "Scripts and Executables" wouldn't work, even though nshelp.exe is an executable.
IIS ConnectComputer
IIS ConnectComputer
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