Question : 2 IP to same windows 2003 server for RDP and VPN issue

I RDP to a server and then VPN into corporeate network. I use cisco vpn client and window 2003 server. one the VPN starts the RDP disconnects since the new IP is an internal IP. My VPN does not allow split tunnelling due to corporate policy.

Is there a workaround to this situation? Even remote access tools such as logmein doesn't work in this situation and it gets disconnected after VPN starts.

Can I potentially use 2 IP addresses? I do have an external static IP on this windows server.

Answer : 2 IP to same windows 2003 server for RDP and VPN issue


Prior to seeing your suggestion, I ended up basically doing just that.  I created a Windows popup form that had a button the user could click if they wished to stop processing.  This was the only way that I could interrupt the Excel process.  

So, once the user hits the "UPDATE" button on the ribbon bar, I display this popup form.  If processing completes unimpeded, the form will automatically close.  However, if the user hits the "STOP PROCESSING" button on this popup form, I am able to capture and change a global flag that is checked within the main update process loop.

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