Question : Backup Exec - Byte Count vs. Capacity Discrepancy


I am a bit puzzled regarding some info I am seeing in Backup Exec.  I am running 10D.  I have a backup job that backs up to tape and the job monitor displays a 40,564,567,236 byte count for this particular job.

When I look at the Media that is used for this job I see the attached statistics.  I assume the compression ratio is what is causing the used capacity to be lower than the job byte count above BUT how can the used capacity + available capacity exceed the total capacity??

Answer : Backup Exec - Byte Count vs. Capacity Discrepancy

I've never researched tape usage but I always thought that the remaining space was a calculation based on what was written to the tape

37.9 / 1.14 = 33.25 (compressed data written to tape)

35.5 - 33.25 = 2.09 + whatever overhead the backup needs in writing to the tape (~ .16)
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