Question : MS Excel 2007 & PDF - Exporting to PDF takes long hours!

Hi Experts,

I have an Excel sheet that has a 36 pages of formatted tables and images.

I export to PDF by choosing the PDF printer from the printer list (I have Adobe professional).

Why does it take 4-5 hours to do so?

I thought the problem might be with my Excel file, I created a new one with the same content but it took the same time, I even saved it as Excel 2003 (currently 2007) just to see if the speed will change but not changed!

Any recommendation?

Answer : MS Excel 2007 & PDF - Exporting to PDF takes long hours!

I'd consider yours to be a medium sized environment, and I'd expect ClearOS to handle it. But whether or not it will be able to do so also depends on the server hardware specs. You will have to run your own tests. Also consider joining the ClearOS forum (,com_kunena/Itemid,232/) and community ( in order to gain first-hand testimony by long time users.

But one thing is for sure: ClearOS is not just a replacement for your Mikrotik router OS, it is much much more. In terms of comparison to commercial OS'es it would compete with Microsoft's Small Business Server. Check out these reviews:

If you wisj to know how it works, please consult this overview first:
In terms of security and serving, it hardly adds any new and specific techniques; what it does is take all the time-proof, high reputed and heavily used Linux applications and adds them to a unique and comprehensive pre-installed environment with centralized configuration via an easy to use web interface. Some of the security tools included are: Squid/Dansguardian, Snort, Iptables, ClamAV.

You may test ride the web interface here:

The detailed manual may be found here:
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