Question : connect an iPhone to Windows SBS 2003

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 I need to connect an iphone to windows SBS 2003 SP2 domain controller.  The users credentials are being rejected on the iphone yet the user can log in remotely from laptop and connect to exchange.
In the process of attempting to resolve this issue I discovered that when I enter http://companyweb into the browser, i receive a prompt for a username and password.  In spite of entering the admininstrator credentials, I receive a "you are not authorized ..." page. Staff have told me that companyweb had been working ok so I'm assuming that an update is responsive for this issue.  Also while OWA is accessible internally( localhost), I cannot access it over the WAN.  Could these issues be related?  Thank you for your help

Answer : connect an iPhone to Windows SBS 2003

From my article (

HTTP 401 Error:
If you are getting an HTTP 401 error when testing on then you are probably entering an incorrect username or password, or you may have IP Address restrictions setup on your virtual directories (see IIS Settings above under prerequisites).

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