Question : Intel Remote Monitoring Module

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on how to setup these for remote access.

I have setup the card like I beleive I should have, and its works okay internally, but I am wondeirng how I can use this over the internet.

IE what do I need to do to the firewall and configuration on the computer so I can do this. I assume I have to open up some ports and maybe configure some forwarding?

Answer : Intel Remote Monitoring Module

Well after another 20 searches might have found it ... hopefully! Will let you know if it does the trick. Just not sure exactly what port you actually need to connect on - or if I am missing some info. IE Do I need to be connected to the network anyway to be able to do this?

Intel® Server Boards
Which port does the Intel® Remote Management Module 3 use for KVM redirection?

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In addition to the standard TCP/IP ports for browsing the Web interface (80 and 443), the Intel® Remote Management Module 3 uses the following ports:

7578 for KVM redirection
5120 for Virtual CD-ROM redirection
5123 for Virtual Floppy redirection
For more information regarding the RMM3 features and installation, feel free to consult the User's Guide
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