Question : Running dcacls command - No Sid found error

I've installed Blackberry Enterprise Server Express on my SBS 2003 box and everything is configured OK, but I am trying to apply the dcacls command to finally get rid of the SendAs issue for protected users.

When running the below command: -

dsacls "cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=DOMAINNAME,dc=local" /G "DOMAINNAME\besadmin:CA;Send As"

...I get

No Sid Found for DOMAINNAME\besadmin
No mapping between account names and security IDs was done

The besadmin account is definately there.......any help appreciated.

Answer : Running dcacls command - No Sid found error

Thanks for your responses. I've now pinned down what the problem was.

The instructions on the Internet said that the dsacls command should have the domain and suffix listed separately, e.g. dc=domainname,dc=local. It also said that the rest of the command should be /G "DOMAINNAME\BESadmin:CA;Send As".

This should be DOMAINNAME.local\BESAdmin......etc etc.

The command worked when I included the .local in that part of the command, something which wasn't clear to me.

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