Question : Mac RDP clients slow?

I have recently started using OS X on my Mac, rather than windows 7.

I like lots of the way OS X is designed, but one thing that lets it down is RDP clients.
I have tried both the official MS one (version2 ) and the CoRD one, which has better management when saving configs.

but with both, the performance is slower than using the MS RDP client on Windows?
Screen refreshes are slower and just the overall feel is the screen is always lagging.
I have ruled out networking issues - as if i run Windows 7 in a Parallels VM, then use the windows RDP client, its faster?! (i dont want to go down this route, BTW)

Anyone else find this, or am I the only one?

Also any idea when terminal services gateway will be implemented in any Mac RDP clients? the MS one hasn't been updated for ages?

Answer : Mac RDP clients slow?

Welcome to the real world.
What you found is not only true but it will only get WORSE down the road for several reasons.
First of all the graphics subsystem on OS X and Windows is very different.
Secondly, to improve performance, Microsoft is implementing several 'tricks' on RDP to make it faster like multimedia remoting, RemoteFX, etc. These are based on Windows technologies only and considering the market share Macs have (and if you then try to find the percentage of these that need RDC/RDP access that is even lower) Microsoft simply does not give a damn about Mac users. Simple as that.
There is not enough market/business to justify developing a fully compatible RDP 7 client for Mac.
I say that as a Mac user. :-)
My solution at the end was to actually use Boot Camp and have a Windows 7 partition. Parallels is great but when you do need Windows 7 raw performance, Parallels does introduce an overhead, especially on the graphics portion (as it is not DirectX 10/11 compatible).

Cláudio Rodrigues
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