Question : DockForm.DCU not found?

I am trying to install a component from Delphi 7 into Delphi 2010.

unit SysInfo;


 Name:     SysInfo.Pas
 Project:  TSysInfo component stuff
 Coder:    Christophe Porteneuve aka TDD
           URL: - E-mail: [email protected]

 Started:  12/15/96
 Effici.:  12/15/96
 Latest:   01/10/97

 Lines:    763

 Role:     Provide extremely detailed information about as many components of
                                the system as possible (memory, processors, disks, version...)


I have all the necessary .pas files.  


I have created a new designtime package and added the files. It compiles/builds and installs just fine.  However, when i drop the component on my application, I keep getting a "DockForm.DCU not found?  The Compiler automatically jumps to the "ToolsAPI" unit and highlights the DockForm unit.

The sysInfo.pas file does not have "ToolsAPI" in its Uses clause, but it does have DESIGNEDITORS which calls it.

Using google search and EE searches, i have found many references to this error


but, i still don't get the separation aspect.

If someone can explicitly walk me through this that woudl be great


Answer : DockForm.DCU not found?

You can consider as alternative JvComputerInfoEx component from JVCL library
It's freeware and supports D5-D2010
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