Question : Detect dual monitor via javascript

What I think I want an answer to is, via javascript, can I detect if a user is running one or two monitors?  If one monitor, then I want to launch my app fullscreen=yes.  If two, I want to launch it by getting the max size. width=' + screen.width + ',height=' + screen.height;.
I'm using the function.

I have the code to do one or the other but not the conditional logic to implement it.
We are an IE only environment (currently IE6)
Why you may ask?  We've found that if IE is launched on the 'primary' monitor, everything works fine. But many folks are now getting dual monitors within our company, and if their IE is launched on the secondary monitor, the fullscreen=y doesn't work right.  It does not appear but shows up in taskmgr and you have to kill it.

Answer : Detect dual monitor via javascript

I don't think that there is a way to determine this with JavaScript (nor CSS for that matter).

If the experts can suggest a way I would be interested, but I don't think there is.
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