Question : sharepoint foundation 2010 on 32 bit?


I've been searching on the internet regarding the requirement of sharepoint foundation 2010 and i only found that sharepoint foundation 2010 can only be installed on a 64bit system.

Can somebody tell me the reason for this? Is it because of the SQL server can only run on x64 or what?

Is there really no way to run sharepoint foundation 2010 on a 32bit system?

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Answer : sharepoint foundation 2010 on 32 bit?

Statement from Microsoft:

Q: Why are you only supporting the 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2005 or 2008 for SharePoint Server 2010?

A: This decision was based on our current test data for SharePoint Server 2010 and real world experience from customers running SharePoint Server 2007 with 32-bit SQL Server.  SharePoint performance and scalability can benefit significantly from 64-bit SQL Server and the throughput increases are significant enough for us to make the difficult decision to only support SharePoint Server 2010 on 64-bit SQL Server 2005 or 2008.  It has been our strong recommendation for some time that SharePoint Server 2007 customers take advantage of 64-bit SQL Server due to the inherent performance and scale benefits it can provide.

A scenario where you could run SP2010 with a 32-bit OS in play, is if you have a 32-bit OS installed on a 64-bit capable hardware (CPU, motherboard, etc). You could then install a 32-bit virtualization platform (like VMware Player, VirtualPC, etc) on the 32-bit host OS, but create a new virtual machine that is 64-bit, as the VM platform will take advantage of the 64-bit hardware.

You must make sure you have 64-bit capable hardware with virtualization technology (like Intel VT).

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