Question : Not receiving mail from some internal senders

We just install a new BES Express on Exchange 2007 for new users of Blackberries.  Old users are remaining on a BPS 4.x server on a seperate physical server.  When adding new users to the BESE Server on the Exchange 2007 server we had to wipe most units more than once to get it to work.  All users seem to be working fine except one.  One user is not receiving Exchange email from a few internal users but not all internal users.  External mail receipt is fine.  Here are some of the errors we are seeing on the BES/Exchange server for this user:

GetAndCreateFolderInfo OpenFolder failed (0x8004010f). FolderID=0

Send() failed: ERR_SUBMIT_MAIL, RefId=776083348, Tag=883

MAPIMailbox::Send(ppMAPIMessage) - SubmitMessage (0x80004005) failed

CDOCalendar::ProcessWindowsTimezoneInfo- No Index value present

Running IEMSTEst comes up successful with the exception of the last line which says "No Send As permission for the  {} Account Operator" but that comes up when testing everyone who isn't having the problem.

I also ran the sendaspermission tool for him.

Any suggestions?

Answer : Not receiving mail from some internal senders

Something here doesn't add up.  Does the user receive these internal emails in his/her Exchange mailbox? If the emails are coming into the Exchange mailbox, then there's no reason they wouldn't be delivered to the Blackberry, unless there is some rule or policy that is preventing delivery of messages with the specific attributes of those messages.  So in that case I'd advise looking at any rules or policies that are being applied either on the Blackberry server or on the user's Blackberry device.

If the messages are not being received in the Exchange mailbox, then that problem has nothing to do with the Blackberry device or the Blackberry server, but is an Exchange problem. Can you clarify?

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