Question : Removing a tidserv backdoor rootkit on XP

I'm trying to eliminate a tidserv backdoor rootkit on XP. Norton 360 detects and alerts me that it blocked an attack from an outside computer. It says the backdoor trojan on on the Norton 360 backup. It appears 360 writes backups to a seperate partition. I opened it and there are two partitions, but I'm not sure it's safe to just frmat the partition or delete specific folder as part of the cleanup, The drive I see is norton backup drive\backups on secure online storage\tigger
At that point it appears to point to the C drive in docs and settings.

I'm running a full scan using Malwarebytes, but it hasn't found anything yet. Norton 360 is also updated and ran a full scan, but did not find anything.

Can somene help?

Answer : Removing a tidserv backdoor rootkit on XP

Tdsskiller is also good at detecting + cleansing rootkits
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