Question : Configuring Autodiscover for ActiveSync Exchange 2010


I'm trying to configure Autodiscover for ActiveSync for Exchange 2010, but I cannot make it working. It was working fine for Exchange 2007. If I manually configure it, EAS works fine. Even Outlook Anywhere autodiscover works fine.
I increase logging level of autodiscover to medium, and when I try, it generates the following error in Application log of Exchange:

Exchange ActiveSync device requests for your users are being blocked. This problem frequently occurs when the HTTP OPTIONS method request isn't allowed by the firewall. Please check the firewall that filters requests in front of your Client Access server and the Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual directory.

We have ISA 2006 in front of it, but I cannot find any HTTP OPTIONS to configure there.

Thank you for any help.

Answer : Configuring Autodiscover for ActiveSync Exchange 2010


After updating software used by mobile phone (Nokia) to connect to Exchange 2010, autodiscover started working.

Thanks for being with me.
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