Question : vfp grid number format with commas set decimals

The control source for the grid has two deicimal places in the data even though there are no numbers which have a decimal value.  I have tried every combination of of Column1 format and inputmask as well asl grid1.text1 format and inputmast as well as setting the column sparse property to both .t. and ..f

Seems simple: I want the data 123332.00 to show in the grid as 123,332.  It would be nice to also know how to make this a currency value $ .  

Also would like to have the gird ignore (not show) zero values in the fields of all records.

Too much to ask for a specif and definitive instruction on acheiving the above requirements?


Answer : vfp grid number format with commas set decimals

MyTable.Mycolumn.controlsource="transform(MyTable.MyField,' @z $999,999')"
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