Question : Web Server - Failover solution

I have a client that hosts their webserver internally at their office.   They would like a solution that would repoint their website  -  -  to an external server if their internal T1 or internal webserver goes down.    they don't mind having a 2nd server offsite somewhere for this purpose.

The reason they can not put their current server offsite is that they are updating it on a regular basis and have a database on it that they use.   They can upload the data a couple of times a week to the offsite server to keep it somewhat fresh in case of an emergency.  


Answer : Web Server - Failover solution

refer to the post at about half way down the page there is a post from LANengineer, I checked that config the last time I needed to make changes on a PIX, it may help you get round the issues you have.
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