Question : Exporting & Importing WAS profiles


I have to clone the WebShere installation for a mock DR exercise.

My requirement is in such a way that the import operation should only import the configuration into the Target WAS server without dropping the Source server's cell, Node folders as it is.

It should use the same cell & node names in the target server and just import/copy the configurations as it is.

I came to know abt the AdminTask.exportWASProfile() and AdminTask.importWasProfile() jython methods from the info center.

I am able to export the WAS profile on Source WAS Server as

I have created the new profile in the target server to match exactly the Source server.

But when I tried to import it I have observed that the import process is creating the Cell, node folders as defined in the archive (for ex it has created the source cellname folder in installed apps of the target server. I DONT want this behavior.

I tried to provide the cellname and nodename of the target server as params but the importwasprofile method/command says they are invalid.

I request anyone in EE to provide the solution or best approach for this.


Answer : Exporting & Importing WAS profiles

exportprofile command will not work where you have dmgr and nodeagent...etc,. It will work only with standalone websphere ( comes with server1)

Use the exportWasprofile  command to export the entire cell configuration to a configuration archive. The exportWasprofile  command does not work between the distributed and z/OS platforms.

Note: Only a base server configuration with single node is supported for the exportWasprofile command.

I have another simple way to clone the websphere env if you want to use same cellname and nodename.

1) installed same websphere version includin fixpack on new machine

Note you have to  make sure to use same install path for example

if you have old machine install path c:/webspherev6.1/appserver

Then you need give same install path on new machine c:/webspherev6.1/appserver

2) create dmgr and nodeprofile on new machine

3) you need to stop the dmgr, nodeagent and all application server on old machine

4) You can tar/zip up the complete dmgr profile dir and node profile from old machine and untar/unzip on new machine under c:/webspherev6.1/appserver/profiles  and change the hostname entries in the websphere configuration and

Use follow link for changing hostname ( chaper 2)  WebSphere Application Server V6.0 best practices for configuration changes

5) one new dmgr is up and manually sync the node with dmgr using syncnode command.

from node bin syncnode newdmgrhostname dmgrsoapport -username user -password password

6)  once sync went fine start the nodeagent and make sure sync status shows correctly on dmgr console and then start all application server from dmgrconsole

Hope this helps you
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