Question : Identifying creator of fake facebook page

An ex-employee has created a Facebook page similar in format to mine using my business name.  He posts very negative comments about the company, making everything appear legitimate.  We have notified Facebook and the page gets removed temporarily but eventually reappears.  Is there a way to identify the creator of this page?  Also, is there a method to prevent this from reoccuring.

Answer : Identifying creator of fake facebook page

You could ask Facebook for the e-mail that the account was created with, but I highly doubt they'd give it to you for privacy reasons.  Any other way to get information on the creator is likely illegal.

And no, there's really no way to prevent this.  This ex-employee could easily make a new e-mail account if Facebook did block his (unlikely), and they aren't going to put a restriction on people registering with your name.  Although if you could identify him, you could probably play his game.
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