Question : 'SettingsSingleFileGenerator' 'ResXFileCodeGenerator' problem

I have a c# application.  I have just opened it up after a week in Visual Studio 2008 and I have seemed to have lost all my dialogs.  It says:
"The custom tool 'ResXFileCodeGenerator' failed while processing the file 'Properties\Resources.resx"      
"The custom tool 'SettingsSingleFileGenerator' failed while processing the file 'Properties\Settings.settings"

Please see the attached file to see my dialogs missing.

Why has this happened?? Can I fix this? If not I will have lost a serious amount of work as my dialogs took a lot of time.

Missing Dialogs
Missing Dialogs

Answer : 'SettingsSingleFileGenerator' 'ResXFileCodeGenerator' problem

Unfortunately thats not sounding hopeful. Ive never seen that happen before when just reopening the project, I know it can occur when upgrading projects.

I know this probably comes as some harsh consolation but to avoid this occurring or reducing the cost when it does I use Visual studio with TFS server (Cost involved) or Visual Studio with Subversion utilising VisualSVN Server ( and the Ankh svn client that integrates ( both have no cost dependent on your options you want and both are wonderfully easy to set up.

When i have been naughty and not checked in work I have SyncBack configured to back up all my working areas (
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