Question : DOS Batch Turnkey system for Win95

I need to recreate the turnkey DOS Batch script that I had in my laptop's autoexec.bat.  It would start my DOS program (CALMAP.EXE) as my Windows 95 PC was booting up.  I believe it would circumnavigate the normal boot process and start my DOS program quickly before windows was fully running.  Then to run Windows 95, I would just exit CALMAP.  I believe the script also sent keys to CALMAP to get it to the correct screen.  FYI: This program (CALMAP) and the old laptop are used to tune my car so I want it to come up just by turning the laptop on.  I had it working fine then my laptop was stolen.  Now I can't remember how to write the script for my replacement laptop.

Answer : DOS Batch Turnkey system for Win95

Where is it installed?

e.g. c:\calmap\calmap.exe

Then put these statements in autoexec.bat

cd c:\calmap
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