Question : How to deny write to the desktop for users?

Points of my Scenario:
1. I am admin of a Windows Server 2003 domain with Windows XP SP2 clients
2. Management mandates that users be prevented from saving files to their desktop
3. The method used to prevent desktop writes (point #2), must be recommended by Microsoft
4. If preventing users from writing to their desktop is NOT recommended, there must be a Microsoft document/article stating/discussing this.
REQUEST: Please help me to find a Microsoft article discussing how to OR why not to.

Answer : How to deny write to the desktop for users?

There are a few ways about doing this. First way would be a GPO assigned to your domain users. The second way would be to redirect the users desktop to a network location where they only have read access. The 3rd way would be to create a manditory profile which will still allow the user to save files to the desktop, but once they have logged out all changes made will be reset to the defaults.

Take a look at this social tech net for references and steps to create a GPO to block desktop restriction.

Hope this helps.
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