Question : need help with cookies

My hometask says: each user must register own email address  to download the file. You must use  cookies to detect whether the user has already registered, and to ensure that the user downloads the file only once within 7 days of registering.

I have been making a lot of things but i can get it working. Please help!

Answer : need help with cookies

There are some services that would let you generate a thumbnail of a URL, most of them are paid services though such as

I'm not aware of any realtime free ones that you could pass a parameter to and get a thumbnail, but some services like would generate several sizes thumbnails for a given url and you can then embed the image directly using its generated URL but I would recommend saving it instead since there's nothing that tells for how long it would be kept on the server.

There is also which is actually a test page for an ASP module that can be used to generate thumbnails for given URLs and accepts parameters like scale, etc...

You can also use it directly like below (You can replace with any other site and also modify the dimensions) but it takes considerable time to generate the thumbnail for the first time, However you shouldn't use it from their server as it's not intended to be a service and you should alternatively download the module and use it.
<img src="">
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