Question : Link to PDF files from DVD Menu

Hey all,

I'm in a bit of a rush right now trying to help a client out with their DVD.

I don't have a Mac so I can't use [email protected] which seems to be the only program out there that seems to work.

I need a PC based DVD / DVD menu creator that will give me the ability to simply link to a file on the root of the DVD. I have tried roughly 6 programs so far from cheap looking programs to the trials of the big boys software, yet I see no way of making a link from a DVD menu to a site or file.

This is a little ridiculous that after hours of searching nothing comes up in google. I created a DVD with an advertisement and slideshow for my client using windows dvd maker. Everything came out fine, but I had to make a note on the dvd menu stating that the user will need to access the DVD contents for their documentation (pdf files). We're dealing with shop owners, technology illiterates.

Answer : Link to PDF files from DVD Menu

Mac software like iMovie, iDVD and the one you mention, are SO much better for making DVDs than any PC software, I am afraid to say (being a PC person myself).  When it comes to us authoring DVDs, we use ONLY the Mac, no one wastes their time with the inept PC software.  So I'd recommend you find a friend with a newish Mac and do it there.
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