Question : Passing resource variable in PHP

I'd like to be able to pass resource variables across scripts.

For example, if script1.php opens a socket, i'd like to somehow have script2.php also access that socket and write data over it using the same resource (ofcourse given that script2.php is executed when script1.php is being run and is alive)...

One way of doing this could be by using shared memory in PHP, however windows does not support php semaphores/shared memory functions.

So Is there a way in PHP that I can pass a resource variable from one script to another?

Answer : Passing resource variable in PHP

if the OS is already installed, i suggest to use Bootit-ng (free for what you want)  :
 Download the demo version of Boot-It NG from       then :
As always, it is best to have a backup before doing disk operations.

here the instructions for 2 partitions :
Resize C: to free up some space
Now  make the D: partition
More detail :
- download Boot-It and create a bootable CD (or floppy if you have a floppy drive).
- Boot to Boot-It; select CANCEL at the first prompt; then OK.   Then click on Partition Work ... you'll see the partition on the disk

Original layout:   CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC       ( (where the C's represent C: partition)
resize it, to make free space : click resize, put in the size you want  the C: to be

New  layout 1 :    CCCCCCCCCCooooo      <--ooo =  free space
now select Create Partition to make a D: partition in the free space

done !
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