Question : Synology NAS DS-209


I am considering purchasing this item but it is the first time I am dealing with this brand. Does anyone know anything about this brand. I have read the reviews on CNet but would like to get another opinion.

Hope that this does not violate any rules.

Answer : Synology NAS DS-209

No problem getting advise,  usually only when people are trying to direct sell to the posters is there an issue.

Anyway there are 3 NAS makers that I normally suggest,  Thecus,  Qnap and Synology.  All three are focused on NAS and put out good performing units - meaning decent throughput as compared to other hardware in the same price/class.  Thecus models are a bit stale and don't stack up well in this size and Qnap is a bit more business oriented than Synology.  Overall the 209 is pretty good performer for the price along with some good features.

If you have not take a look at the Qnap 2 bay models.

Also I highly recommend is to fully read the use manual for any NAS before you buy it.  Just to make sure the user management, RAID/disk management  and other features work as expected.

To get some comparison performance metrics you can check out Smallnetbuilder's charts,,com_nas/Itemid,190

Also reviews on the units in the chart including the 209,  if you have not found this site already.
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