Question : "HP TouchSmart PC" - How to invoke the recovery partition?

I need to reinstall the op sys.
Also where are the drivers if I need to do a bear metal install?

Answer : "HP TouchSmart PC" - How to invoke the recovery partition?

what version TouchSmart do you have?

[note I have added a few tips at the end]
Here are 2 options
1)  use the recovery partition

Short short
a) check to see if you have a recovery partion ( my computer)
b) use recovery manager in the current OS
c) restart and hit F11  (hit is several times after you restart)
Connect a mouse before doing this as touch will not be enabled)

2) create recovery discs

short short if you still have the original OS then create the recovery discs.  
Note this is a good idea when ever you get a new system because although the recovery partition is great sometimes it just does not work when you need it.

- before you try to recover your PC or Laptop to the factor default. you might want to save your exisitng files.
-- you can connect a portable drive - 1st choice
-- if your system is not working you could pull your drive and then connect it up using a USB drive connector / adaptor
I use the coolmax one

Or get a drive enclosure.  

I hope this helps


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