Question : Network keyword


I am currently handling our Company's website and our domain name. I recently received email from a (presumably) domain registrar (Asia Pacific Network Service Ltd - informing us that someone else is trying to register variations of our domain name and a network keyword and are asking us if we would like to dispute this and register the said domain names and network keyword instead.

Feels like a scam since the start, and we had no intentions to register such names that we are not going to use for the foreseeable future so we declined.

But could anyone inform me what a Network Keyword is? And if such a thing exists, what and where it is used for?


Answer : Network keyword

My guess is possibly a sales solicitation from ANSL in trying to get you register domains with them.  As for the 'network keyword', I have no idea.  The only thing applicable for a domain registrar would be the actual domain name ie "".  There is no 'network keyword' that I know of, and I've registered many domain names over the years.

Unless of course some words got mixed up in the translation between Cantonese and English.

I think you're safe to ignore and delete the message since you already own the domain name you want to keep.

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