Question : Exchnage database restoration

I have exchange 2003 sp2 server installed. I have taken full backup of all datbase store and then did defragmentation. I moved all mailbox from one store to new store and then deleted old store. My backup contain old store which is not exist on exchange server now. I want to restore old database store from backup but it is giving error "no uncataloged sets were found on this server". It is very urgent for me to restore as contain top management data.
I created deleted store back to same storage group and same store name. But still getting same error.

Answer : Exchnage database restoration

This is backup related issue.

 During the restoration of data from Ntbackup, double-clicking tapes may
produce the following error message:
   No uncataloged sets were found on tape.
If the tape is read successfully, the option to restore by individual file
or subdirectory may be unavailable.
 This problem may be caused by any of the following reasons:
 - The Tapes window may have changed so that a portion of the window
   is hidden.
 - The tape unit has old firmware.
 - A good catalog was never created.
 To resolve this problem, do the following:
 - In the Backup window, click Split on the View menu. Move the mouse
   pointer to the middle right of the Tapes window and click the left mouse
   button once. This will make the hidden catalog visible again. You can
   use this catalog to restore an individual file or subdirectory.
 - Check the firmware of the tape unit and the tape controller speed.
 - Use the NTBACKUP /Missingtape command to force the creation of a
   new catalog.

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