Question : Can't login to Lacie d2

I had Lacie d2 set up on a work group with few shares and local users. I was able to useweb interface to manage the device. Last night I join it to the domain, and now I cannot control it. The web interface does not allow me to connect (http and https), I can browse existing shares via \\lacie_ip_address, can do Remote desktop with local or domain admin account.

At this time I cannot add any shares, LaCie network assistant finds the drive, all connection attempts result in a message "You do not have permissions to access \\lacie.domain.local Contact your..." It runs embedded Windows XP.

How do i get control over it? It is in a remote location, I can get there but perhaps it can be done remotely.

Thank you

Answer : Can't login to Lacie d2

What happens when you try connecting directly, via crossover cable, and your PC not attached to the domain (make sure you manually assign the PC an IP, and logon to it's local account, and not the domain account)?
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