Question : osx system no longer logging into windows domain

I have a mac system in my domain that I had configured over a year ago to use Active directory.  It is running leopard.  It worked fine up to Monday.  Now when I put in the user password on the Mac system it fails to login to the domain, it just stays at the login screen.  The user can log on a PC just fine using Active Directory.  Yes the user can log on to the mac locally also.  

Any info will be appreciated.


Answer : osx system no longer logging into windows domain

Hmm, odd. The last picture was the one that I was looking for. What I would try is to unbind the computer from the domain and rebind it. After it is bound again, run the following command:

dseditgroup -o edit -n /Active\ Directory/All\ Domains -u DOMAINADMINUSERNAME -p -a BBC\domain admins -t group Administrators

(I haven't tested the command, so it may not work on the first try. It's basically just to re-add the domain administrators to the local administrators of the machine)
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