Question : Differences between full versions and "Click-to-Run" versions of MS Office

A friend of mine recently purchased a new laptop and a Product Key for MS Office 2010. He thought a trial version of Office 2010 would be installed on the laptop -- it wasn't 2010, but rather a trial version of Office 2007. So, he ended up downloading the Office 2010, following the instruction of the card in the product Key package.

It turn out that the downloaded version is a "Click-to-Run" version of Office 2010 -- something I've never heard of. He is having problems syncing his iTouch iPod with Outlook 2010 and Apple is telling him it is because the "Click-to-Run" version of Office 2010 doesn't provide all the functionality of the full version.

Can anyone explain what this "Click-to-Run" version of Office is -- why Microsoft has created it, and what the differences are between it and the full version.

Will Microsoft provide a customer who has problems because of acquiring the "Click-to-Run" version a copy of the full version?


Answer : Differences between full versions and "Click-to-Run" versions of MS Office

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