Question : PC faxing error


We have a multifunction copier that does the following:
print from pc to copier
received faxed from copier to mailbox (email)
scan to email
scan to fax

The multifunction copier is a Konica machine repackaged and sold as Develop i 253.

I can FAX pretty much anything from any application EXCEPT from SAP.

When I tried to fax an invoice from SAP, the copier couldn't fax the invoice but produce a response error:

I know SAP has feature of FAX output but our support team is in Germany and we are based in Sydney, Australia. The support team sent a documentation on how to fax in SAP but there are several things we have to do (e.g., change security from view to change to be able to print to FAX etc., and it is time consuming exercise but we don't have the authority to change security etc).

I've attached the TX Result Report from the copier.

Appreciate any help.

Answer : PC faxing error

You can use the test for null to ignore whatever parameter was not set, i.e. no filter on.

AND (@BU is null or ADP_FEED_0318.BU= @BU)  --- BU.  if it is null, it passes the check, otherwise must match filter
AND (@Approver is null or ADP_Feed_0318_2.FirstName + ' ' + ADP_Feed_0318_2.LastName  = @Approver)

.. etc
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