Question : SSAS Filter Unused Dimension Members

I am using SSAS 2008 (Excel is the primary front end).  I am wondering if there is a way that I can set the dimension up so that when you put it into a filter area of a pivot table it only shows the members relevant to the cube.  If I setup a related table in my data source view and use that to create my dimension when the user puts it into the filter area they have to go through all the records that are irrelevant to the cube.  In the past we have setup a view and then calculated the dimenions from the view so it only contains records that exist in the fact table.  Is there a way to make this work without using the view?  

Answer : SSAS Filter Unused Dimension Members

Using a view to limit dimension members is good idea.
There is no way in Excel to limit member list of filter dimension (some tools apply non empty to criteria, so filter shows only dimension members with data).
I think you can try Excel 2010 and slicers.

Another options are perspectives in the cube and dynamic security settings (show dimension member if condition si met).

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