Question : c strcpy

Hi, I have a question about c.
I changed one line code.
Original code is :
strcpy(hsCust, ('G' !=ptComBuf->sCust[0]) ? "HP":"GE");

Now I need check three companies. So I change the code like this:
strcpy(hsCust, ( 'G' =ptComBuf->sCust[0] ) ?  "GE" :(( 'H'  = ptComBuf->sCust[0] ) ? "HP" :"AP"));

After I compiled, it give me this error:
Modifiable lvalue required for assignment operator.

Any inputs will be appreciated.

Answer : c strcpy

Should be

@interface frisbee : NSObject {
      int fx,fy;
    UIImageView frisImageView;

The base class is NSObject. @interface and @end are the keywords. Instance variables (fx, fy, frisImageView) should be in {}.
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