Question : MRSS FEED

I am currently working on submitting an MRSS feed to goggle for syndication of flash videos that are hosted on my site.

I found an example MRSS feed here and I have copied it below

<rss version=”2.0¿ xmlns:media=””>
<title>ReelSEO Video News</title>
<description>The ReelSEO Video News Archive</description>
<title>MRRS Example Video</title>
<description>The example landing page for this MRSS item</description>
<guid isPermaLink=”false”></guid>
<media:content url=” /example.avi” fileSize=”405321¿ type=”video/x-msvideo” height=”240¿ width=”320¿ duration=”120¿ medium=”video” isDefault=”true”>
<media:title>The ReelSEO MRSS example video</media:title>
<media:description>Check out the 120 seconds of fast-paced MRSS fun with ReelSEO.</media:description>
<media:thumbnail url=”” height=”120¿ width=”160¿/>

I am working on modifying this to redirect to media on my site so here are my questions….

Question 1:
On line (3) there is a link to a page on there site that is not directly related to the video. I think it’s for content related to the video but since the link in line (10) to the player page is not valid I have no way of verifying this can some one help me.

Question 2: On line (11) the link points to an AVI file. I have done some research on Goggles policies for indexing videos and the majority of indexes are in flash so instead of pointing this link to an .avi file I will point it to .flv file.  But the code references type=”video/x-msvideo. So do I need to change this line to a different file type because we are using flash videos not avi.

Question 3:  On line (11) theres a mention in the code of fileSize=”405321¿ what does this mean.

Question 4:  On line (15) the link points to a .png image but we would prefer to use .jpgs and according to Google this is ok but I am looking for feed back on what would be a better choice for us.

Note: The information I used to make my decisions on modification of the file types mentioned in questions 2 & 4 were based directly off of Goggles web master blog located here…

 Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


Answer : MRSS FEED

See that upside-down question mark?  It is a show stopper.  The rest may be OK, but your XML (and by inference your RSS) will never get past the illegal character.  Please fix that.

Then store your XML on a server in a file named something like "my.xml" and look at it by typing its URL into the address bar of a Firefox browser,  If it parses you will see an RSS feed.   If not, please post the fully-qualified URL of the file here so I can look at it over the internet.

From what I can see at a quick glance, your code above is nearly right.  Best regards, ~Ray
<rss version="2.0¿
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