Question : VPN Tunnel - NEW ISP

I've got a VPN tunnel created between my company headquarters and a remote office, ASA 5510s on each side....  On the remote side I'm about to change ISPs.  Should I be able to just change the running config on the remote side and change the IP address and gateway of the outside interface to the new ISP, then change the IP of the tunnel group on the HQ side to point to the new ISP??  the reason I'm asking is that I have multiple vlans on the remote side talking over the tunnel and it was a real pain to setup....  I would prefer not to have to go through the whole exercise again...  I'm thinking just tftp the running configs to the pc, make the changes and then tftp them back up to the startup config... and everything should come back up...  Is this the case or am I missing something???


Answer : VPN Tunnel - NEW ISP

Two places it would come into play:

1.  OS Drive - If you will be doing mostly applications and Internet browsing, make it your OS drive
2.  Swap File - If you plan on doing a lot of memory intensive work that will generate swap activity, put the swap file on a partition at the beginning of the drive and use the rest for data.

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