Question : Private WAN

Hi Experts,

I live in an area that is a little too far from our telephone exchange, with the result that my internet connection is slowish. Usually it's less than 187kB/s. It's sort of livable with but it is not good when it comes to dealing with largish files or photo projects - for example.

There are no cable connections so I can't hook into one of those. I don't want to use a mixture of ordinary telecoms internet connection and satellite because of the cost. There may be as many as 100 houses, all very local (within 400 yards), that are similarly affected.

So my question is, what are my options regarding constructing and running a network that will provide a really good service / connection with the internet?

As I have only given a brief outline of the physical and geographic problems do please ask qestions as needed.

Also if you feel this question should be in another zone - please let me know.


Answer : Private WAN

since you are loading from remote server you need to specify it. This command should be:

LOAD CLIENT from 'c:\persnr_distinct.csv' of del insert INTO isiams.persnr_distinct FOR EXCEPTION isiams.persnr_distinct_exc;
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