Question : About direct X / Open GL issue

While working on software which enable to draw 3D images called "Sweet Home 3D" I encounter a problem in 3D rending System. After using the software for aprox. 15 min this error occurs. The error snap shot is attached herewith.

LapTop Details - "Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU - 440@ 1.86 Mhz - 1.86Mhz, 0.99 GB of RAM"
OS - Windows XP Professional

My query - How to resolve the error ? Is it safe to run this software till the error resolved?

Please suggest if more information is required,

Thanks in Advance,

Answer : About direct X / Open GL issue

Updating your drivers depends on your hardware and OS. The zones this question are in are programming related zones, so they're not ideally suited to get an answer for this. If you click the "Request Attention" button, you can ask to move your question to some more appropriate zones.

To answer your question : the idea would be to figure out what video card you have, and then install the appropriate driver for it.
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