Question : WDS Server 2008 R2 - PXE Error

I cannot successfully PXE boot using Windows Deployment Services on Server 2008R2. The clients cannot connect to the WDS server. When I PXE boot the client, it just displays:

PXE-053: No Boot Filename
PXE-M0F:  Exiting the bootrom

The server is a member (not a domain controller) of an Active Directory domain that already has DHCP and DNS servers on the same subnet as the WDS server. I have installed the Windows Deployment Services role on the server, both Deployment Server, and Transport Server. I have added the boot and install images. I still cannot figure out why the clients are not connecting to the WDS server.

Answer : WDS Server 2008 R2 - PXE Error

You will also have to add the helper address of the WDS server as the PXE listerer needs to see the DHCP packets.

Also option 67 is only required if the WDS server is running on the same computer as a non-M$ DHCP server.  I think your issue is the iphelper.  So I would try your orginal config with the additional iphelper.

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