Question : Windows 2003 R2 and WSS 3

I setup a new Intranet and being part of the administrators group I can login to the intranet site and make any changes... However my issue is when all the other users authenticate they are prompted for a username password everytime and it does not take their password. The WSS 3 server is part of our domain.. when they try to login they type there username/password but then it prompts them for username and password but instead of showing their username it shows the [email protected]\username and does not go anywhere I left the default to NTLM, but changed to kerbose, still no effect... I tried enabling annoynomous and still no luck. I'm new to WSS and not sure how to allow our domain to be authenticated. I'm thinking it's something real basic, but have no idea. I read alot of posts and nothing seemed to work. I'm hoping someone will know how to fix this... I'm running 64bit mode.

Answer : Windows 2003 R2 and WSS 3

The Microsoft Sysinternals downloads has several diagnostic tools, but there isn't going to be a simple point-and-click tool that will say "your server is underpowered." You'll have to look at CPU utilization, I/O wait times, and use some personal judgment.
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